Bot Recap of Lunch 2.0 at souk

souklogo.jpgLunch 2.0 happened yesterday at flexible workspace provider souk in Old Town, and even though I didn’t make it, the accounts I’m hearing are overwhelmingly positive.

Dawn and Todd graciously agreed to MC the event, in my absence, and approximately 75 people came through during the two-hour lunch.  Julie, the gracious host, had Thai food for everyone with lots of vegetarian options. The food was well-received and completely gone by the end.

heathertodd.jpgDawn tells me souk’s space was great for conversations, the wheeled tables and chairs allowing for spontaneous rearrangements to accommodate the constantly morphing threads of discussion. While people sat to eat, they had in depth conversations, but as eating finished, people stood up to mingle, cocktail party style. Apparently, the chatting went right up to the end, which is awesome

Sounds like a great time. I’m bummed that I missed it.

If you hurry over to Summize, newly acquired by Twitter, you can catch the tweets from yesterday about Lunch 2.0 to get a running chronology of how it went.

I caught a few “what is Lunch 2.0” tweets in the mix. So, we still have some collective education to do. Dawn reported that in addition to the usual suspects we see at Lunch 2.0 (and Beer and Blog, Barcamp, Ignite, Legion of Tech Talks, you know the hardcore community people), there were a lot of new faces. This is good.

soukbooth.jpgAaron Hockley, the default Lunch 2.0 photographer, has posted some great (as usual) shots in his photostream. Julie has an album as well. Check these out if, like me you didn’t get there.

Thanks again to Julie for hosting a great lunch.

As of now, there aren’t any solid plans for the next iteration of Lunch 2.0 Portland. I have a few leads, but nothing definite. If you want your company to host one, or you know a place that would love to have the Portland community in for lunch, let me know in comments.

Photos courtesy of Aaron Hockley used under Creative Commons.

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