Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for August 22

OEN PubTalk – Becoming “socially” responsible: Understanding your company’s role in the world of social media

I feel really lucky to get the chance to ask a bunch of Portland social media heavyweights some questions at an upcoming OEN Pub Talk. “From Facebook to blogging to Twitter, it seems that social media is everywhere, as is the pressure to participate in this burgeoning “Web 2.0” world. It’s no wonder that every business is contemplating how—and why—they should be involved. Join OEN and its social media panel to gain a deeper understanding of social media, its benefits, and its potential pitfalls. We’ll share the rules of the road and etiquette for entrepreneurs and companies interested in participating in these online communities.”

Gnomedex in Three Days | A Social Media Journey

Amber Case writes “I’ll be live-tweeting, podcasting, and blogging from the event. That is, if there is any time between meeting and greeting amazing people.”

I Have An Idea To Bring PDX Tech Community Together

I really like the idea that Jason Harris came up with while sitting at Gnomedex. Jason writes “Why don’t we start a PDX job shadowing effort? The shadows could be either for a full day, half a day, or just a couple of hours. Two people who are paired for a shadowing could meet either at one’s office or a coffee shop, or whatever.”
  1. I’m all for the PDX job shadowing effort! I would love to see the ways people deal with different occupational hazards/benefits.

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