Morph Labs transforms into a Portland company

Morph LabsIt’s no secret that Portland continues to attract talent. But, lately, we’re seeing both the city and the Silicon Forest as a whole, attract companies, too.

Vidoop is in the midst of a road trip that will relocate the entire company here to the Rose City. WeoGeo is in the process of becoming a Portland company. And, now—as Dawn Foster revealed during Strange Love Live—I’m happy to report that Morph Labs now calls Portland their US headquarters.

And like recent transplants Intrigo, Morph Labs has already jumped in with both feet by sponsoring the last Legion of Tech Happy Hour.

So, what does Morph Labs do?

Well according to CEO David Abramowski:

Our product is really a combined service. It brings together people, process and technology to provide an on-demand solution for hosting and running web applications. We take away all of the “muck” of dealing with servers, operating systems, backups, monitoring and provide it at a very low cost subscription rate. We have a free developers account and our paid service starts at $1/day.

The Morph service relies on Amazon Web Services—both EC2 and S3—and currently supports Ruby on Rails, Java web applications and Grails applications. PHP and Python support are planned for later this year.

The company—originally founded in the Philippines—has 35 employees, eight of whom reside in the US. But they’re looking to grow. And no doubt, that’s part of the appeal of Portland.

I’m looking forward to running into the Morph folks soon. If you beat me to it, please welcome them to town.

Morph Labs is the leading provider of Platform as a Service (PaaS) that virtualizes the application environment through the use of open source technologies to simplify the deployment, delivery, and management of Web based applications. They use virtual infrastructures including Amazon Web Services to provide a truly elastic environment for Web applications that can be instantly provisioned and seamlessly scaled. For more information, visit Morph Labs.