Portland Start-up Index for September 2008: Did Vidoop get lost on the Oregon Trail?

Didn’t we just have a Techvibes Portland Start-up Index a few weeks ago? Yes, we did. But Techvibes has decided to change the publication date, so we’ll be getting these at the beginning of the month.

Techvibes has changed a few other things, too.

And while the listings might be a little more cryptic now—and unfortunately lacking in indicators in regards to movement this time around—this effort continues to provide a interesting way to assess and discuss the local startup scene.

The biggest mover on this edition of the index? Pheedo rocketing up 33 slots to crack the top 20.

Strangest part of the new list? Vidoop has completely dropped off the index during the week that they’re relocating the entire company to Portland. NetworthIQ (acquired by Strands), MyOpenID (JanRain‘s OpenID relying party), and Workplace2go also disappeared from the list.

Portland Start-up Index for September 2008

  1. AboutUs
  2. MetaFilter
  3. Kongregate
  4. Discogs
  5. Digital Trends
  6. COLOURlovers
  7. Frappr!
  8. Jive Software
  9. SplashCast
  10. Platial
  11. Clicky
  12. Pheedo
  13. Earth Class Mail
  14. Sandy
  15. Gone Raw
  16. eROI
  17. Stikkit
  18. Attensa
  19. Active Reload
  20. Walker Tracker
  21. Grabb.it
  22. GadgetTrak
  23. iovation
  24. UrbanDrinks
  25. KnitMap
  26. Pibb
  27. ChoiceA
  28. Art Face Off
  29. LUNARR
  30. WeoGeo
  31. Iterasi
  32. FreeRange
  33. fmyi
  34. GoLife Mobile
  35. Rocketbook
  36. Picktastic
  37. Kryptiq
  38. Jama Software
  39. MomHub
  40. GreenRenter
  41. Goboz
  42. Lightfleet
  43. Imindi
  44. Cendix
  45. Vocal Nation
  46. Box Populi
  47. GoSeeTell
  48. Collaborative Software Initiative
  49. YourList
  50. Techchex
  51. Avnera
  52. Kumquat
  53. IDP Solutions
  54. Worldwide Nest

As always, the official metrics can be found at Techvibes.

Interested in seeing your Portland-based company on this list? You now have an automated way to add it. And make sure to drop the Techvibes folks a note, too.

  1. […] hear anyone around here talk about Digital Trends—apart from an occasional mention on the Techvibes’ Portland Start-up Index (they’re #5). And unfortunately, I never happen to run into any of their employees at any of […]

  2. This is a pretty neat list, thanks for posting. I would be interested to know what happened to cause myVidoop and myOpenID, two of the best OpenID providers, to drop off…

  3. No offense, but how is eROI a startup? Sure, a small business, but they don’t really fit in with the rest.

  4. I think we may need to call August a mulligan and see how things come out after September.

  5. @Rob I figured it was something like that. It was just ironic that Vidoop happened to be one of them. 😉

    And congrats on the new automated system. I’ll definitely be pushing folks to register to be on the list!

  6. Hey Rick,

    When we launched the new Techvibes.com site in mid-August we automated the way the start-up indexes are generated – unfortunately a couple companies fell through the cracks. We’ll get them back on the list for next month and welcome other Portland start-ups to apply.


  7. Given that Techvibes is now going to focus on cities and not regions, I have newfound motivation to create a Silicon Forest startup index.

    Just need to carefully craft the top secret metrics….

  8. Well, that’s a bummer. I guess since it’s officially Corvallis based now, NetworthIQ doesn’t qualify? No biggie, with the switch to all ssl, Alexa isn’t an accurate gauge for it anymore anyway. Still a great reference and love seeing the list expand.

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