Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 02

Lifestreaming – Why it’s important, and why you should do it.

Drew Olanoff writes “Think of Strands as a water cooler that doesn’t go away. The office is there for you, the water is plentiful, and the people there are cool as hell and have something to talk about at all times.”

Community Manager Compensation Study

Dawn Foster writes “I’ve mentioned before about how great it is that ForumOne does focused, relevant, and interesting research on the online community market, and their most recent report is no exception. They just released the Online Community Compensation Study results a week ago. Since I participated in the study, I was able to get a free copy of the entire report, but Bill does a great job of summarizing the key points in his blog post.”

Google Chrome added to browser detection | Clicky Blog

Via the Clicky blog “Today Google released their new browser, Google Chrome, and we’ve already added support for it into Clicky, as can be seen by the screenshot below.”

Must Read Blogs for Startup Success

Via the Under the Radar blog “Instead of popping pills, a founder’s preferred uppers and downers are aspartame (Coca Cola) and carbs (pepperoni pizza); and instead of the phsych ward or the DSM, entrepreneurs turn to their local pub and follow bloggers.”

Clicky Analytics Service Tracking 2% Google Chrome Usage

Via TechCrunch “Web analytics startup GetClicky says that almost 2% of all internet traffic to the 45,000 websites they monitor is coming from Google Chrome today.”