Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 13

CyborgCamp 2008 | A Conference Born in an Afternoon | Hazelnut Tech Talk

Amber Case writes “If you think this sounds like something you might be interested in, Sign up β€”> CyborgCamp2008 for Wiki access. Or follow the @cyborgcamp Twitter account for updates, general inquiries, speaker suggestions and sponsor ideas.”

Taking Your Idea From Side Project to Startup

Dawn Foster writes “I also took a bunch of notes during the sessions that I attended. Hopefully some of this will help people who missed the event or those who attended different sessions.”


Via the Legion of Tech blog “This October 17th-19th local geo-geeks of all stripes will be gathering for the very first WhereCamp PDX. WhereCamp is an event that started in the Bay Area in 2007 to continue conversations from the Where 2.0 conference. Legion of Tech is organizing a Portland version to show off the amazing, fun geographic technology activity we have. This is not just an event for specialists: we would like anyone who is interested in the intersection of people, place, and technology to participate.”