Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 12

Start-Up Town

No. It’s not Portland, Oregon. It’s Boulder. “The quiet little hippie city of Boulder, Colorado, has become a serious technology hub. Here’s how.” We’ll get there. Just keep doing what you’re doing. And we still need to figure out the whole “incubator” thing.

Less Than 20 Seats Remaining for WordCamp Portland

Aaron Hockley writes “If you’re on the fence about WordCamp Portland, you should probably make a decision soon.”

Ground Kontrol’s Rock Band 2 Launch Party (for Charity!)

This Sunday Ground Kontrol is holding a massive launch event for Rock Band 2. Cover charge for the event ranges from $3-$5 (depending on how involved you intend to be) and all proceeds go to benefit the Ethos Music Center and the Rock And Roll Camp for Girls.

New EE Video Site & Community Tidbits

Via the ExpressionEngine blog “There are some great things happening out in EE Land (the EE Community Forums and beyond in the wild vastness of the Intertubes*).”

Making it stick.: OSCON Moves to San Jose!

Patrick Logan writes “People blog from all over the world how great Portland is, and how they’re looking forward to OSCON in Portland. I’m not able to envision
a similar response to San Jose.”

onfocus.com | Goodbye ORblogs

Paul Bausch writes “In the wake of the closing I’ve received many emails of thanks and support. I appreciate it, especially knowing that many are losing a daily web destination and source of readers for their blogs.”

Sigler Design: Refresh Portland’s first event

Michael Sigler writes “Tonight we had our first Refresh Portland event. It’s a monthly meetup and presentation where we bring designers and others interested in design together. We hope to teach them something they didn’t know and give them something to use in the real world. We packed the house with somewhere between 50-60 people.”
  1. Heard tell from facilitator at an early Saturday marketing session at #SU2SP that nowhere in CO was her idea of tech town. She harkened that back in days of yore, yes. But its all tumble weeds now. Not doubting your info, but curiouser and curiouser.

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