Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 16

ORBlogs 2.0: The State of the State

John Metta writes “Seems like half the state is clamoring for an update on the ORBlogs progress (well, four or five people were asking about it, anyway). Here it is, a line-item review of our progress so far- living proof that the lazy bastids at ORBlogs would rather sleep away their nights than give you satisfaction!”

Central Oregon Web Professionals Usergroup: October Meeting

Via the COWPU blog “Everything boils down to three things when you are building a successful web site. We’ll review the meat behind the brand, search and content balance to help position your site for ultimate visibility and conversions. Once you have these tools in hand, you’ll have some helpful tips to determining which company and which system to work with. From choosing a CMS to working with a design firm/agency, the balance is the key.”

Mamapreneur Conference in Portland next week

Via the TeachStreet blog “I was just poking around on Portland-based site, MomHub. Even though I don’t have kids, it’s a great site. (Oh, they’re also building a DadHub, too.) It’s similar in mission and functionality to what our friends at ParentMap (Seattle-based) are doing. They’ve got all sorts of great local listings for family-friendly activities in Portland and lots of groups you can join to connect with similar parents in your very own neighborhood.”

Seven Social Media Consultants That Deliver Tangible Value – ReadWriteWeb

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes “Dawn Foster is a relatively new entrant into the consulting world but her blog Fast Wonder is already pumping out the usable information and tools.”

Lighthouse upgrade delays

Via ENTP “After bringing Lighthouse back online, we immediately noticed two crucial bugs in the system, which affected user invites and email notifications. Fixes for those bugs were promptly deployed to Lighthouse before traffic picked back up.”

wp-openid – faster, stronger, better

Will Norris (creator of wp-openid, the WordPress plugin many folks use to manage OpenID logins on their blogs) writes “One of the primary focuses for this next major release of wp-openid is stability. While most people have had great success with the plugin, there are a fair number that seem to have all kinds of strange problems, ranging from conflicts with other plugins, data corruption, library issues, etc. In order to reach the level of adoption I’d love to see, we have to make this plugin as easy to install and run as WordPress itself. This is certainly no easy task, but we’ve come a very long way.”

  1. Hey Rick — cool that you picked up the post about MomHub.

    Also, thought you’d like that Beer and Blog inspired a few of us in Seattle to start up a weekly happy hour (Hops and Chops) — consider imitation the sincerest form of flattery

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