Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 21

WhereCampPDX Blog » Equilibrium: The Human Mash Up

Via the WhereCamp PDX blog “To kick off WhereCamp PDX, on Friday night, October 17th, we’ll be taking part in an interactive art installation entitled ‘Equilibrium: The Human Mash Up’ taking place at the Olympic Mills Building at 107 SE Washington St Portland, OR 97214.”

Success as an Entrepreneur: Why It’s Not About You

Via Get Rich Slowly “Peter Hamilton is not alone. In interview after interview throughout Japan, Asia, and North America, successful entrepreneurs told me the same thing, in different words and in different languages: ‘It’s not about the money.’ What, then, is entrepreneurship about? Exploiting a market opportunity? Fame? Fortune? Proving yourself? “

451 CAOS Theory » Pressure, progress flow at Linux Plumbers Conference

Jay Lyman writes “This week’s Linux Plumbers Conference in Portland was a great opportunity for many of the Linux kernel community people to get together, challenge one another, hash out some differences and hone their similarities and synergies. What strikes me as perhaps most interesting is that while there was some discord felt throughout the event among the different Linux camps, this conglomerate of developers representing a range of different vendors in a variety of different ways all do one thing common to all of them: push the kernel forward.”

Creating Startups in Gray Areas

Via CenterNetworks “I am by no means some kind of business rock star. I didn’t attend Stanford or know anybody. I just focused on creating what didn’t exist, both then and now. Many refer to this as ‘gray areas,’ and they can be very good for business. Here are my five rules for finding them”

Win Building Websites with ExpressionEngine 1.6

Via the ExpressionEngine blog “We’re giving away 2 copies of Building Websites with ExpressionEngine 1.6. To enter all you have to do is post to the Discussion thread linked at the top of this post before Tuesday (September 23), 3pm Central.”

Strange Love Live – a set on Flickr

Curious about the inner workings of Portland’s favorite tech podcast? Let the lens of Aaron Hockley take you behind the scenes of Strange Love Live.

All of My Flickr Photos Now Have Creative Commons Licensing » Hockley Photography

Aaron Hockley writes “After some consideration, I’ve changed the licensing on my Flickr stream; all of my work there is now available under the Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative Works license. In short, you may use and share the photos for non-commercial purposes, unaltered, as long as you provide attribution to Aaron Hockley as the photographer. A link to hockleyphoto.com is always appreciated.”

We got a map | Clicky Blog

Via the Clicky blog “We re-organized things a bit, you may notice a new ‘Locale’ tab. This is where all the country, city, language etc stuff has been moved to. We also added a new sub-tab, called ‘Regions,’ but data only started tracking yesterday for it.”