Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 19

OEN honors achievement in entrepreneurship – Silicon Forest – The Oregonian – OregonLive.com

No Web startups won this year, but AboutUs was in the running for a couple.

“There is no viral marketing”

Tom Turnbull writes “Brian Solis recently spoke at the Web 2.0 conference in New York. He provocatively stated that “There is no viral marketing.” Marketing in the age of social media, rather, is an ongoing, and necessarily authentic, effort. It requires more than putzing around on Twitter, slapping up a Facebook fan page or pumping out some goofy widget.”

Please excuse our dust

Cory Huff writes “This Blogger to WordPress migration was supposed to go very smoothly. WP even has a button built in to do it, but for some reason it didn’t work. I’m re-posting each article by hand as we speak, so it looks like there’s going to be a day or two of down time for the site. I’ve had some really great experts look at this thing, but it looks like there’s nothing to be done but do it all by hand. So much for ease of use, eh?” (Sounds like somebody has a good unconference topic for WordCamp Portland.)

Color-Based Social Networking – ColourLovers.com Celebrates All Shades

Via Trendhunter “This is a brilliant user-generated site where you monitor and influence color trends online. In brief, Colour Lovers is a social network built around color palettes.” (Hat tip Todd Kenefsky)

Hazelnut Tech Talk Special | An Interview with Virtual Architect Eric Rice | Hazelnut Tech Talk

Cyborg Anthropologist Amber Case Interviews Virtual Architect Eric Rice at Gnomedex 2008. “After an amazing post-conference dinner with a bunch of exellent people, Dave Olson was kind enough to lend his excellent podcasting equiptment. I was able to capture a minute percentage of the Sweetopian existence of Eric Rice. Rice is incredible. I wish I had better adjectives in which to describe him, but I’ll let him do the talking.”

Portland Infects Seattle With Hoppy Goodness « The Pursuit of a Life

Justin Kistner’s brainchild, Beer and Blog, makes the leap to our sister city to the north, Seattle. Thanks to TeachStreet (and something tells me Brian Westbrook). “He says it was inspired by Beer and Blog, a Portland gathering which I’ve seen Rick Turoczy tweet about time and again – proof that in some essential alcohol- and startup-related respects, Portland is further advanced than Seattle!”
  1. Right, I can just imagine myself at WordCamp, ranting about how the Blogger to WP migration didn’t work…and then some WP guru in audience raises his hand and says, “Well, if you had just done X, then it would have worked.”

    My response: Where the hell were you all weekend on Twitter?

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