Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 25

JPV PDX: Articulating KlatchPDX

J.P. Voilleque writes “I feel like we’re missing the chance to get people with different backgrounds and experiences into a room for talks about stuff that matters. Even more, I feel strongly that cool chats are at least as useful as cool talks. There’s also the potential to record these and provide some additional shoutouts to the PDX tech/creative community.”

WhereCamp PDX: bringing the electronic world into the physical

Via the WhereCamp PDX blog “I think that Wherecamp PDX may be the most important unconference in Portland this year.”

OSU’s Open Source Lab names well-connected advisers – Silicon Forest – The Oregonian – OregonLive.com

Mike Rogoway writes “Oregon State’s Open Source Lab named seven from the tech industry to form a new advisory council for the lab. Advisers are charged with helping connect the lab to open source communities and to create opportunities for OSU students.”

Brandon Philips » Linux Plumbers Conf- huge success and looking to 2009

Brandon Philips writes “Linux Plumbers Conf was a huge success due to the huge amount of effort put forth by the organizers and the great turnout of attendees. Thanks to everyone!”

Strands Social Recommender to power Web-based virtual warehouse DollarDays and its retail customers

Via the Strands blog “We are happy to announce that Strands Social Recommender™ is now powering personalized product recommendations at DollarDays, the online wholesaler and closeout company that hosts a Web-based virtual warehouse at http://www.dollardays.com.”

Thought Propulsion | iPhone & Web Apps Built About You

Bill Burcham launches Thought Propulsion. “At Thought Propulsion™ we develop joyful Web applications using whizbang technology like Ruby on Rails and Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud. Got a native iPhone app in mind? We can help with that too.”

Announcing Jama Contour v2.4: Building great software products just got a little easier.

Via the Jama Software blog “Each year in the U.S. alone, over $30 billion is wasted on failed software development projects. And, the major causes for why these projects fail consistently tie back to requirements management. Jama Software’s mission is to eliminate that failure by enabling companies to take a more collaborative, customer-driven approach to product planning and development.”

WordCamp Portland: We’re Going to Rock the House! | Our PDX Network

Betsy Richter writes “Sure, I may be speaking. Yes, I’m a sponsor (and am helping to facilitate the beer acquisition and delivery, woo-hoo!) But I have to shamelessly say that WordCamp Portland will absolutely, positively rock it.”

Coffee With An Expert- PDX Coffee Clinic at CubeSpace at CubeSpace (Monday September 29, 2008) – Upcoming

Via Upcoming “Our September 29 Coffee Clinic will focus on angel/VC fundraising. ‘Startup Expert’ Carolynn Duncan will be available to address your questions and help resolve areas where you may be stuck.”

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