Time to find that creative spark: Ignite Portland 4 submissions are open

Ignite Portland

Well, well, well. I was just thinking about how it was almost October. And that meant that it was almost November. And that meant it was almost time for the next Ignite Portland.

And lookie what just got announced today: Ignite Portland 4 presentation submissions are now open!

If you want to share your passion with some of the most brilliant minds in Portland (and all 500 of them,) here’s your chance.

Submit An Ignite Portland 4 Talk!

We’re going to close submission at midnight on October 14, and announce the selected talk lineup on October 20.

So there you go, kids. It’s open! Get going!

I’m looking forward to seeing what you propose.

For more information on the incredible experience that is Ignite, visit the Ignite Portland site.

  1. I can’t help but look at that graphic and think… burning man?

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