Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for October 02 exec to speak at OSU

Via OregonLive “In fewer than 10 years, has gone from an upstart company to the top internet shoe seller and is forecast to generate $1 billion in sales in 2008. The stocks 3 million pairs of shoes, handbags, apparel and accessories, specializing in more than 1,000 brands that are difficult to find in mainstream shopping malls.”
  1. Stupid signing into wordpress.

    Zappos is where my $402 boots live. They miss me and want to come home.

    Shoe posts = HAWT.

    Hi Zappos CEO Guy! It’s me Melissa Lion! Famous novelist and blogger. I’ll totally pimp those babies on my blog if you want to send ’em for free. [Smiling pretty now!]

  2. My first comment that didn’t post

    follow Zappos CEO Tony @zappos on Twitter. He does a great job of using it to represent his company and himself and sometimes he offer specials to the twitteverse

  3. and I should read the article first. Alfred is @zappos_alfred

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