Get your text on: Shizzow adds SMS

ShizzowOur favorite local location-based social networking service, Portland-based Shizzow, has had great uptake around the local area. And with good reason. It’s a really simple and effective way to keep tabs on who is where when.

But one thing has been holding it back for some folks: the fact that you’ve had to use a mobile Web browser to update your Shizzow location.

Well, not for much longer, my friend. Because Shizzow just announced a beta release that enables you to shout updates via SMS:

We’ve tested it as much as we can, but we need for you to try it out and let us know if you find any issues or have suggestions for how we can make it better. Until I perfect that mind reading device I’ve been working on in my garage, we can’t fix the bugs that you forget to tell us about! Log all of your suggestions on our Get Satisfaction page.

Want to try to out SMS for yourself? You’re going to have to configure your profile, add some nicknames, and learn some new lingo:

Available Commands and Abbreviations

#message (#m) – Add a message to a shout.

#shout (#s) – Shout from a favorite place.

Shout from a Place

shzow #s {place nickname}

shzow #s happyplace

Shout from a Place with a Message

shzow #s {place nickname} {message}

Example 1 (explicit)
shzow #s happyplace #m here til noon

Example 2 (implicit)
shzow #s happyplace here til noon

Send (re-shout) a new Message from your Current Location

shzow #m {message}

shzow #m here til noon

So get to trying it. And give Shizzow your feedback.

What’s that? You’re in the Portland area and you don’t have a Shizzow account? Comment below and I’ll send you an invite.

  1. That is just super cool. Way to go, shizzow!

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