Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for November 04

Refresh Portland: Experience Design: 
Changing Lives and Creating Evangelists (November 12)

Via Refresh Portland “Transformative experiences do not happen thru marketing, “purple cows” or aesthetic design. They are created by changing lives thru authentic and meaningful Experience Design.”

Looking forward to a “wiki-presidency”

Via the AboutUs blog “No matter who wins in the elections tomorrow, it’s becoming pretty clear that technology will be a priority for the next administration. As wiki and community-collaborated content enthusiasts, we’ve been impressed with the embracing of wiki and wiki-like values in the campaigns.”

Oregonian election front page

The Oregonian announces the new president.

In a Twitter Age, Even Bad News Like Layoffs Is on the Company Blog

Via The New York Times “Some companies that have skipped the layoff post have suffered. After Jive Software cut 20 percent of its staff, one of the terminated employees, Chris Kalani, called it an ‘all out massacre’ on his personal blog and said he had been forced to leave behind his things, including his wedding photo. Tech blogs immediately picked up the story.”

Didn’t Get a Ticket? You Can Still Come to Ignite Portland 4 at Ignite Portland

Via the Ignite Portland blog “This morning, we announced that 550 free tickets for Ignite Portland 4 were available. Less than 3.5 hours later, they were all spoken for. That’s amazingly fast! To give you an idea, it took 2 months for 400 people to reserve a spot at Ignite Portland 1. For IP2, 400 spots went in 2 days. Ignite Portland 3 moved 400 tickets in under 22 hours. This time, 550 tickets disappeared in under 3.5 hours. Wow. You’d think people are excited to come, or something.”

Yes We Did – Waxy.org

(Click to see the image)

OEN Webinar – Getting Social 101: Quick and easy ways to get your social media bearings

Join Rick Turoczy as he shares some quick tips on how to start participating in social media, getting your bearings, and understanding how you can become a valued member of communities that match your startup’s goals.

Yes we did.

Chris O’Rourke writes “We all did, every single American, all of us. From the depths of Southern Georgia to Northernmost Alaska, from Allentown, PA to Santa Clara, CA. Americans rose up and voted their hearts, their dreams and their minds.”