Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for November 05

Blogs change layoff dynamic at startups – Silicon Forest

Mike Rogoway writes “On the scale of tech layoffs in Oregon or anywhere else, Jive’s cuts don’t rate. No more than three-dozen people lost their jobs. Compare that to the 1,400 folks who got tossed out by Hynix (and, as far as I can tell, didn’t merit so much as a pixel of sympathy from the NYTimes or CNET.) Here’s my theory…”

AboutUs Hires Six New Staff, Including CFO – Jobwire

Via the ReadWriteWeb Jobwire “Wiki style website-directory AboutUs.org has just hired a new Chief Financial Officer, the company tells us. CFO Jack Williamson comes last from domain name auction house Snapnames, where AboutUs founding CEO Ray King worked previously. “

Social Network Spaghetti | Portland Web Innovators at Vidoop

Amber Case writes “Scott Kveton told us where he thinks we are with the state of current social networks. His charisma and ability to explain and parse complex ideas, systems, and trends was interesting and enjoyable to watch. I estimate around 30+ people showed up, and many interesting questions were raised from the audience.”