Puff! The Geeky Dragon is dead (maybe)

Green Dragon FAIL WhaleBirds of a feather flock together. Startups like startups. Creatives like creatives. And that’s probably why when a startup distillery and bistro called the Green Dragon opened, the startup tech community in Portland felt a certain affinity for it.

They liked us. We liked them. They were perfect for Beer and Blog. They were centrally located for other tech events. It was a very much kismet.

But now, that’s coming to an end. I’m sad to report that, like many a startup, the Green Dragon has (possibly) been acquired by Rogue Brewing.

And, if it goes through—the lawyers have jumped in to say that “nothing is final”—then the dynamic of the joint may be changing.

OurPDX is reporting:

John Foyston of The Beer Here blog has an update that pretty much states that Rogue plans on keeping most of what the Green Dragon character is today, so that could bode well for us who love it. From how I read the article, the only change would be in ownership, but the heart of the Green Dragon would live on. You decide.

We don’t know what we don’t know. But I’m not exactly holding my breath that the Green Dragon we know and love will be around much longer.

What to do? Show up to Beer and Blog today to bid one of the best geek hangouts in town a fond farewell. Mourning attire and protest armbands optional.

  1. […] its height, it was an event that would draw hundreds of folks to the Green Dragon (now Rogue Eastside Pub) on any given Friday. Enabling folks to catch up, share ideas, and meet other folks in the […]

  2. According to the Beer Here and brewpublic.com, the minority owners are fighting back and trying to stop the sale. Doubt it will work . . . but it wouldn’t be Portland if people didn’t protest and try.

  3. While Rogue may make great beer, they make horrible restaurant experiences. Overpriced beer and food, snotty waiters, cliche environment. Ugh. Very sad to hear this news.

  4. Love the Dragon! Love the Q-hut! Before they sell we should meet with Rogue.

    Listen Rogue, here’s the deal: you give us the Q-hut and we’ll keep Beer and Blog at the Green Dragon. Otherwise, we’re done.

    OK who want’s to live in the Q-hut?! C’mon! It’ll be fun!

  5. That’s a bummer, I am not a fan of the Rouge Brewery experience (although their beer is great). One side note, the distillery is a separate company, they just share the space with GD: http://www.integrityspirits.com/

  6. I’m wearing black to properly note the passing.

    (Those of you who know I *almost always* wear black – hey, I’m a hipster, don’t you know! – should refrain from calling me out re. same…)

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