Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for November 25

New blog feature: Looking Forward – Silicon Forest

Mike Rogoway writes “I was thinking about this last month when I started tallying up all the recent job cuts across the Silicon Forest. There should be some way to recap some of the less discrete — and often more positive — news. So I’m launching a new feature, which I hope to run weekly. I’ll call it ‘Looking Forward.’ The first edition appears tomorrow.”

Beer and Blog Pre-Turkey Day at the Green Dragon

Via Beer and Blog “Since this Friday is one that most will be spending with family, we’re going to make this week’s Beer and Blog a Wednesday affair.”

Portland Tech Event Cornucopia for Nov. 26 through Dec. 11, 2008 | Hazelnut Tech Talk

Amber Case writes “Here are a lot of events. I’ll be at most of them this time, as I will not be in Boston. Be sure to check out DorkBot, Beer and Blog, Web Innovators and CyborgCamp. Happy event going!”