Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for November 26

Looking Forward: WebTrends, Integra, Twitter & more – Silicon Forest

Mike Rogoway writes “Here’s the first entry in my new Looking Forward series, with a rundown on developments across the Silicon Forest….”

What Motivates Participants to Engage in Online Communities at Fast Wonder Blog: Consulting, Online Communities, and Social Media

Dawn Foster writes “Many of my past posts have talked about the benefits of having a community for a company or organization. However, I have not spent enough time talking about the benefit to the participants in the community. It has to go both ways. A community will only be successful if the participants and the sponsoring organization both find value in participating regularly in the community.”

ThrivePDX at Blitz bar in the Pearl District (Wednesday December 10, 2008) – Upcoming

Blitz bar in the Pearl District
110 NW 10th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97209