Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for December 02

A Matter of Days | raven.me

Raven Zachary writes “Today marks the end of Obama ‘08 for iPhone as the application has been marked for removal from the App Store. The application had a lifespan of just 61 days, 32 of those pre-election, the period of time that really mattered. Unlike the vast majority of iPhone applications available in the App Store, Obama ‘08 was tied to specific time-based goal – supporting the election of Senator Obama. It had a defined objective with a clear timeframe.”

New Hires at Stepchange

Via RWW Jobwire “Kevin Tate of Stepchange sent us an email to announce that they have made a couple of recent hires. The Portland, Oregon based online strategy, design, development and marketing firm has hired Crystal Beasley as Designer & Interactive Brand Manager and Jessica Swan as Sr. Account Executive. Tate also reported that business is good and that Stepchange is moving into a bigger office.”
  1. I am really hoping that the Obama app will be replaced by the Change app. I will be heartbroken to not have the Obama app anymore.

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