Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for December 09

KGW Live @7 Hot Box: Silicon Florist Rick Turoczy

I totally took more time than I was supposed to. I hope @stephstricklen and @thesquare are still speaking to me.

The Current State of Me « Dyepot, Teapot

Audrey Eschright writes “I’m going to try to start a meme. I don’t know whether it’ll work, but let’s try. Using the community success questions I posed in my last post, I’ll tell you how I did this year. You do the same. Maybe we can get a better idea of where people are struggling and succeeding.”

KGW Live @7: Break takes

My favorite part of the show. These guys are willing to leave the mics open and the cameras rolling during the breaks. It’s incredibly interesting to watch.

  1. Hey Rick… “took more time than I was supposed to” — uhh, trust me, the fact you were allowed to go on longer was no mistake. TV has *no* trouble cutting people off when they go long. :-p

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