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Portland Snow Day Pictures: Grab Your Cameras

Via PDX Pipeline “The Portland Snow Day 2008 was a good one for PDX photographers. Many, undaunted by the flury of frozen percipitation, donned their Portland Boots and got out there. You still have time to get many pics until Portland Snow Day 2009 occurs. Below are several shots around the city, some snow-picture thoughts, reports from the Portland Twitter Storm Team, Trimet updates and a message from our Mayor on how to survive the Portland Snowpocalypse….”

Oregon’s creativity lights up

Via Oregon Live “When Josh Bancroft moved to Oregon a decade ago, the tech community was pretty fractured. Now people meet at Beer & Blog, develop ideas at freewheeling BarCamp conferences and stream into the Bagdad Theater four times a year for Ignite Portland, a deliciously geeky form of entertainment that gives presenters five minutes to pitch an idea.”
  1. Rick, thanks for linking to the article in the Oregonian about Oregon Creative Industries (OCI). One thing that the article didn’t make clear is that per the Wikipedia definition, software is PART of creative industries (aka the creative economy), not something separate. Under this definition (the one OCI is going by), there is no distinction for example between the level of creativity it takes to be a good painter vs. a good coder.

    As a former software developer myself (wrote thousands of lines of C code in the 80’s) I know from direct experience that writing good code is an art form.

    For these reasons we have invited the chairs/presidents of Legion of Tech, Software Association of Oregon and DevGroup NW to our first association leadership round-table discussion this week.

    The most recent OCI blog post called “Stronger Together” explains some of the thinking behind this.

    As the Executive Director of a nonprofit software-related association myself (Internet Strategy Forum), I hope other leaders in the larger Portland software community (such as yourself) continue to recognize the value of “stronger together” and to help build bridges between all of the various participants in Oregon’s overall creative economy.

    Your sponsorship of the first Cre8Camp Portland in July was a great step in that direction, so I wanted to thank you again for that.

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