Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for December 16

Marketplace: Entrepreneurs surviving first recession

VIa Public Radio on Jive Software “Consider this: During the recession of the early 1980’s, Bill Lynch was still in diapers. In the ’90’s recession, he was nerding out in middle school playing computer games. By the time Lynch and his best friend, Matt Tucker, landed jobs in Silicon Valley just out of college, the dot-com boom was well into its heyday and headed for a crash.”

Why OpenID?

Via the Tarpipe blog “There’s a growing discussion around the Web about the future of OpenID and whether it’s really making lives easier for users. The article ‘OpenID Is Here. Too Bad Users Can’t Figure Out How It Works’ on Webmonkey shows some of the concerns users seem to have about this open authentication mechanism”

Free Geek Followup

Current progress on giving back to Free Geek. Your help is still needed. Here are some examples of how others are helping.

Former Jive Software Employee Jim Goings Lands in Healthcare IT – Jobwire

Via ReadWriteWeb Jobwire “Many employees that have been laid off from high-tech companies and software startups are getting other work relatively quickly. One example is Jim Goings, who was Director of IT at Jive Software. Goings announced yesterday that he is now the Director of Technical Support at The Advisory Board Company, Optilink Division.”