Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for December 17

I won’t attend OSCON next year « Seek Nuance

John DeRosa writes “I greatly enjoyed OSCON 2008. But I won’t attend OSCON 2009, because its locale was moved from Portland to San Jose.”

Hey Twitter, Please charge me $5 a month.

Matt Youell writes “At a local tech discussion here in Portland a couple of weeks ago, one of the attendees said that if Twitter started charging money, he’d move to identi.ca. His rationale was this: software is easy to change but hardware is hard to change. That thought has stayed in my brain for two weeks now. Is software easy to change? No. Absolutely not. That is a flawed premise.”

My Favorite Technology Blogs and Podcasts

Dawn Foster writes “People often ask about my favorite technology blogs and podcasts, and I was inspired by the recent ReadWriteWeb post on a similar topic to do a post with a few of my favorites. These are in no particular order.”