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Portland’s burgeoning tech scene

Garett Croft Stenson writes “Want to get acquainted with Portland’s under/above ground tech scene? Want to start a tech business in Portland? Maybe network a bit more? Things you might look into/research below.”

ReadWriteWeb on New Zealand’s TV3

Given that ReadWriteWeb has such an established Portland presence, it seems only fitting to share a recent piece on the blog. (If you’re not interested in the other news, feel free to fast forward to about the 12:00 mark.)

TweetDeck’s Funding Shows Good Ideas Can Still Attract Good Money

Take heed Portland. Louis Gray makes a very good point. “The popular Twitter application, which has only been around for just six months’ time, spent very little time in obscurity, jumping out of the gate and racing to the top of the charts, alongside Thwirl and Twitterific. While most of the headlines in the financial space of late have been filled with doom and gloom, Dodsworth’s strike of fortune displays the best apps showing serious momentum can still attract forward-thinking investors.”

Open Source Bridge: Hitting the ground running in 2009

Via the Open Source Bridge blog “Maybe it’s just me, but today seems an especially appropriate day to talk about dreams. While Selena’s and Audrey’s dream might not be as far-reaching as the dreams of Dr. King, it is a significant dream, nonetheless. It’s a dream of an Open Source conference for developers, by developers. An Open Source conference that focuses on being a good Open Source citizen, rather than focusing on the languages in which those citizens choose to code. An Open Source conference where the Open Source culture permeates the entire event—from the composition of the tracks to the volunteer-based management of the event. “

Three Useful Research Tactics I Learned Last Week

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes “I’m always trying to figure out how to get more out of the tools I find online. I spend a lot of time figuring out new ways to discover good sources of information on a wide variety of topics; setting up systems for our writing staff at ReadWriteWeb and for consulting clients through my personal blog. Some of the things I’ve discovered lately I can’t disclose publicly, but here are three I can share. I hope you find them useful.”

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