Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for January 22

Top 10 Tech Companies to Work For in Portland, Oregon

Amber Case writes “I’m putting together a list of Top 10 Tech Companies to Work for In Portland, Oregon and I need your advice. If I don’t get your advice, I’ll probably choose the wrong ones. After all, I’m not capable of knowing which ones are the best to work for — you are. And while I’ve consulted with many interesting Portland Tech Companies (this excludes design companies, which will be covered in a later roundup), I don’t have the inside perspective that you can provide.”

Las Vegas Weekly : – Suds and buds

Thanks to Justin Kistner, Portland’s Beer and Blog is all growed up. Via Las Vegas Weekly “As with most things that come to Vegas, Beer & Blog originated somewhere else, in this case Portland, Oregon. Last Thursday, Justin Kistner, the founder of Beer & Blog, was on hand (beer in hand) for the Vegas inaugural, held at the Freakin’ Frog. And, as is so often not the case, Vegas got into Beer & Blog early enough to be almost at the vanguard. “We started January 16, 2008,” Kistner says. ‘And now there are five cities.’ Three are in Oregon, and the fourth is St. Louis. Vegas is No. 5.”
  1. Top 10- I vote for TriQuint!

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