Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for February 19

Open Source Citizenship « Dyepot, Teapot

Audrey Eschright writes “When we started working on Open Source Bridge, Selena and I came up with the term “open source citizenship” to describe what we hoped to explore. We’re planning a conference that will connect developers across projects, across languages, across backgrounds to learn from each other. We want people to experience something beyond “how to use tool X” or “why databases keel over when you do Y” (even though those topics are important, making up our tools and trade, and will be a central part of the conference content). We’d like to share what open source means to us, what it offers, where we struggle, and why we do this day in and day out, even when we’re not paid for it.”

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Online Community Expert Interview: Dawn Foster, Fast Wonder Consulting

Via Online Community Report “This month’s Expert Interview is with Dawn Foster, Online Community & Social Media Consultant at Fast Wonder Consulting in Portland, Oregon.”

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‘Oregon Fail’ and the state’s economic outlook – Silicon Forest

Mike Rogoway writes “Writing for Forbes.com today, in an article titled ‘Oregon Fail,’ Joel Kotkin blames Oregon’s left-leaning policies for the state’s miserable economy and for the outflow of high-tech manufacturing jobs.”

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