Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for February 24

Strange Love Live: Raven Zachary and James Keller join us

Cami Kaos writes “After a big week in the social tech scene of our fair city it was nice to get back to normal and hole up in the studio for a couple of hours with some great minds. This week we were joined by Raven Zachary and James Keller. We talked about the present and future of iPhone apps and got a peek into Raven’s new venture (which is as yet unnamed and still shrouded in secrecy) and James’ part in it. It was an easy show for Doc Normal and I. We learned at some point that when you have guests as smart as they are you can ask a question and sit back soaking up knowledge like a sponge.”

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Cyborg Anthropology at Portland’s Webvisions on May 22nd, 2009

Amber Case writes “I am excited to announce that I will be speaking at Portland’s WebVisions Conference 2009. After missing the event last year to a scheduling conflict, I am honored to be able to not only attend, but present as well. I have quite a bit of time to present, so I am already writing my speech. If it is not a 100% completely useful speech, then at the very least it will contain some interesting images.”

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Studio on the Square | Beer and Blog

Beer and Blog got some air time on KGW The Square recently, thanks to Brian Westbrook and some quick Skyping.

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Peeking at the proposals: Cooking – Open Source Bridge

Via Open Source Bridge “We’ve had the Open Source Bridge call for proposals open for a few weeks now, and we’re already starting to see some great concepts rolling in. But we can’t keep all this goodness to ourselves. That’s why the proposal system is open—so that you can read about what’s being submitted and comment on which proposals you’d like to see.”

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A Look Behind the Curtain at Techmeme

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes “Earlier this month I interviewed Techmeme’s first hired human editor, Megan McCarthy, over on ReadWriteWeb. I think McCarthy’s job is a fascinating one and a good indicator of some future trends on the internet. For whatever reason the interview didn’t get as much traction as I hoped it would upon first publication, so I’ve decided to republish it here to make sure readers of Marshallk.com get a chance to see it as well.”

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How to be a Mobile Software Forty-Niner

Don Park writes “The year 2008 is the beginning of a gold rush of mobile applications. The iPhone app store has over 20,000 apps and there are numerous stories of developers ’striking it rich’ through good timing and luck. My focus is on Google’s Open Source operating system, Android. Launched in October 2008 with the T-Mobile G1, it has sold at least 300,000 units last year.”

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