Business Leader Northwest: Meet leading Portland blogging types at the blogger pavilion

Business Leader NWBusiness Leader Northwest—a leadership conference being held February 25 and 26 at the Oregon Convention Center—is pulling in a number of big names for the conference. People like Stephen Covey, Burgerville Chairman Tom Mears, and Umpqua’s Ray Davis.

But did you know that they’re pulling in a ton of big name local bloggers, as well? It’s true. They’ll have an entire “blogger pavilion” on the trade show floor.

The following folks—many of whom you’ll likely recognize—are slated to be around:

Still on the fence about whether or not to attend? Maybe you should read some posts from these bloggers on the Business Leader NW blog.

How about now? Really? Even with all of those cool bloggers and their insights and stuff?

Okay, fine. Here’s another push: $25 of your entry fee goes to the non-profit of your choice.

See? I knew that would get you, you old softie. So why don’t you go register and we’ll see you in the blogger pavilion at some point.

Need more? Visit the site for a schedule of Business Leader NW or keep up-to-date on the latest by following Business Leader NW on Twitter.




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