Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for March 4

In the Coraline Economy we trust

Via The Oregonian “The Coraline Economy will cushion the state from the direst economic effects of the Great Crunch. Not timber. Not computer chips. The creatives — hanging at the local coffee shops and clubs and brewpubs, huddling in the corners and madly pounding their laptops — will lead us back to prosperity.” [Editor’s note: They don’t expressly call out all of you creative developers, but any time I hear the word “creatives,” I think of you.]

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PDX Nonprofit Tech Day On, Hands On at AboutUs.org (Tuesday March 24, 2009)

Via Upcoming “On Tuesday, March 24, two wonderful worlds will collide for the better of Portland-based nonprofits and technology geeks alike. Are you a nonprofit that thinks the server is just the guy that brings you bacon and pancakes? Are you a geek looking to serve a nonprofit all that bacon knowledge you have bubbling over in your head? We will try to match nonprofit needs and give you a few hours to talk one-on-one with a technology know-it-all.”

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Strange Love Live and Shizzow

Dawn Foster writes “The entire Shizzow team, including yours truly, will be lounging on the Strange Love Live couch for the podcast this Friday evening (March 6th) around 10pm. We will be talking about some new happenings on Shizzow with a focus on our plans for attending SXSW and how you can use Shizzow to find the best parties and sessions as well as getting together for meals with friends.”

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Shizzow SxSW pre-party

Via Beer and Blog Portland “This Friday is going to be our send off party for those of us fortunate enough to be going to SxSW. Shizzow will be rolling out a few features to help everyone stay in touch while in Austin. But wait! The fun doesn’t stop there!! @geekygirldawn also worked it out with Hugh Forrest for one lucky attendee to win an upgrade from an Interactive Badge to a Gold Badge!”

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What Would You Teach a Bunch of Lawyers About The Web?

Josh Bancroft writes “I have the pleasure of speaking to a group of tech and VC lawyers at a local law firm (not sure if they want me to say who they are) about why and how they should be using “social media” and the web. I’ve sent them some pre-reading ideas, and I have lots to talk about, but I thought I’d ask you what YOU would teach a group of lawyers about the web?”

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RPX Wiki provides valuable resource for developers

Via JanRain “We recently launched a wiki (http://rpxwiki.com/) to serve as a resource for developers adding RPX authentication to their website(s). Anyone signed up through RPXnow.com can edit pages on our wiki.”

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Responses to an Email Interview

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes “I’m speaking to a Mensa gathering this Spring about the internet and was just sent some interview questions for the local chapter’s newsletter. Pretty strange, huh? After I took the time to reply to the questions, I thought I’d take a page from Dave Winer and post my replies here. Perhaps you, dear readers, can let me know if you think I am wrong, too obnoxious, or otherwise in need of different replies to such questions.”

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Intercontinental Hotel Group Improves Customer Loyalty using Jive Social Business Software

Via Jive Software “Jive, the Social Business Software leader, announced that Intercontinental Hotel Group (LSE: IHG.L) implemented Jive Social Business Software to connect and engage with its 40 million Priority Club Rewards members.”

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TheFunded Founder Creates A Startup Camp For Young CEOs

Via TechCrunch “What this economy needs to get out of its rut is more startups. Adeo Ressi, the founder of VC-rating site TheFunded, wants to do his part to help jump start the economy with fresh ideas and leaders.”

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  1. Rick wrote: [Editor’s note: They don’t expressly call out all of you creative developers, but any time I hear the word “creatives,” I think of you.]

    Agreed, writing good code is an art form! That’s why it’s fitting that Software is one of the vertical sectors listed under the Wikipedia definition of Creative Industries.

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