Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for March 26

Open source conference prerequisite #1: Space for hacking

Via Open Source Bridge “When we had the opportunity to build Open Source Bridge, one of our primary concerns was that we had plenty of space for hacking. But we weren’t thinking a couch in the hall or a bunch of people crammed around the table. And we wanted our attendees to have something better than a desperate search for places with outlets, wifi, and space to code at 3:45 AM. We were thinking about dedicated space for hacking, 24-hours a day.”

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WikiBirthday 2009: 14 years of collaboration

Via AboutUs “March 25th marks a very special day in the history of the Internet. 14 years ago today, Ward Cunningham publicly launched the revolutionary technology that is the wiki.”

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End Awkwardness and Get Social at Beer and Blog

Via Beer and Blog “Last time I wrote, I said that March would focus on social skillz. Well it’s still March, so get out your party hat and floss your teeth. Yes, now that we’ve walloped bloglessness and joblessness, this Friday we’ll be putting an End to Awkwardness!*”

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Mega Spy now in public beta

Via Clicky “Go to your Spy page, then click the “test the mega spy beta” link to check it out. It still has some issues and is not yet feature complete, but we’ve drastically increased the performance since the original beta was released on Friday. It now runs very fast on all browsers, including MSIE. This will also really help you out if you have a slow computer.”

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Startup CEO Sebastian Rapport of Ontier – OTBC (Beaverton, OR) – Meetup.com

Via OTBC “In spite of the difficult economy, Ontier CEO Sebastian Rapport recently closed an investment round, launched a product, and added tech heavy-weights Paul Gulick and Les Fahey to the Ontier Board. At this lunch program, Sebastian will talk about Ontier, share some lessons learned, and give attendees a peek at Ontier’s Pixetell™ product, which provides ‘The Power of In-Person Interaction and the Convenience of Email.’ Join us to hear about this local success story in the making!”

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Ontier donates options to entrepreneurship group – Silicon Forest – The Oregonian – OregonLive.com

Mike Rogoway writes “Portland-based Ontier, which makes online communications tools, is donating 250,000 stock options to the Entrepreneurs Foundation of the Northwest. A fifth of the donation comes from investor and board member Les Fahey and Ontier CEO Sebastian Rapport.”

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Thanks Ward, for Inventing the Wiki 14 Years Ago Today

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes “Every time a person learns that they can edit the content on a web page, view the history of edits by other people and become a part of that history as their edits become subject to further editing – that’s a life-changing experience. 14 years and a whirlwind of innovation later, wiki is still probably the best example of collaboration on this social technology we call the web. So thanks, Ward, for inventing the wiki. The world is a much better place for it.”

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