Startup Now Oregon form is still up? What gives?

Oregon loveOkay okay. I’ll admit, it may look like I’m crying wolf.

But I got a call late last night that we had some more breathing room to fill out the Startup Now Oregon form.

You know the one. The one that will convince the Treasurer for the State of Oregon that we have a ton of viable startups in the area—startups that deserve access to state managed funds.

While we’ve had a bunch of people take a moment to fill out the form—more than 60 at last count—we’d still like to see some more.

What’s more important is that I still don’t see your idea on there. Yes, you. Procrastinator. You know who you are. Don’t make me call you out.

Even if you don’t want, need, or like the idea of the money, it’s still important to make your voice heard. Why? So that the powers that be in Oregon understand what we’ve got going here. Because it’s something special. And it deserves their support.

Remember, geeky or not. Codified or not. Oregon-based or willing to become Oregon-based. Come one, come all.

I’m not putting any deadlines on this, but I’ll likely be pulling the form down within the next few days.

Don’t make me beg—or continue to whine. It’s not pretty. Fill out the form.



  1. @Anonymous Entrepreneur Completely understand. Hopefully, there will be enough of the other submissions to keep this rolling. Should the fund become a reality, here’s hoping you get to take advantage of it.

  2. I would love to fill this out, but:

    1. I’m currently employed in a company that’s been laying off steadily, and see no reason to give them an excuse. If this form weren’t public, I’d consider it.

    2. At the most, w/ $0.25M, I could hire 1 other person in Oregon. Conservatively, I’d need a fair chunk of that $$ just to support my own family for the next 2 years. Counting on breaking even in 1 year is a risky bet.

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