Lunch 2.0 with MioWorks, Pronounced Me-Oh

nametag.pngDavid Abramowksi cleared up the correct pronunciation of his new startup’s name yesterday during their Lunch 2.0 at the Green Dragon.

It’s MioWorks, Me-Oh-Works.

Probably not exactly the way Webster would mark it up, but you get the picture.

About 80 or so people showed up at the Green Dragon for lunch yesterday; surprisingly, several people I know from Twitter were making their first trip to the Dragon. Hard for me to believe, since it’s Beer and Blog worldwide headquarters and an all-around geektastic place to hang out and compute.

David and Manuel Espino from MioWorks provided food and Twitter-friendly name tags (+1 for geeky name tags). They also provided anyone who was interested with a 30-day free trial of their web app which provides relationship management for small businesses. The app recently entered public beta, and David and Manuel are actively seeking people to beta-test the app.

After talking about MioWorks, David, who also volunteers time with Open Source Bridge, called Rick up to give the good people in attendance the 411 on OSB. There was speculation that Rick was thrown under the bus, fingers were pointed. I won’t dignify any of those rumors here. As always, Rick acquitted himself well under pressure.

Finally, we heard from Carri Bugbee about the SoMe awards, covered previously by Rick. There’s precious little time left to submit your favorite social media projects for consideration. The awards will be handed out at Innotech Oregon on April 23.

Update: As Carri notes in comments, the deadline is Saturday, April 11, and the awards gala will be at Candy (NW 9 and Couch), not at the OCC where Innotech is.

The food was fantastic, provided by the Green Dragon, and even though the crowd was a bit smaller than usual, it fit nicely into the space, with clusters of people chatting at each picnic table and at the bar.

I met a few new people, attending their first Lunch 2.0, and as always, I ran into the usual suspects, which is always a pleasure.

Thanks to David, Manuel and the great folks at the Green Dragon for accommodating us.

The Big Book of Portland Lunch 2.0I almost forgot to mention the Lunch 2.0 “artifact” was ceremoniously passed from Thomas to David. I’ll back up; at the Portland Lunch 2.0 birthday at AboutUs in February, someone (not sure if it was Mark, Steven or Nico) put out a guest book that anyone attending could sign. That book was passed to Thomas at the OpenSourcery Lunch 2.0 last month, and now, it’s in David’s hands.

A fun idea. By rights, the book should pass to Denney in two week at TechShop Portland, assuming David makes it out to the ‘burbs.

Don’t forget these Lunch 2.0s, coming soon:

If you’re wondering about the WebVisions’ lunch, it will be open to anyone, attending WebVisions or not.

Big thanks to all the hosts who have hosted or plan to host Lunch 2.0. Drop a comment (or tweet @jkuramot) if you want information about hosting one. It’s easy.

  1. Hi Carri. I updated the post to reflect your point about where the awards gala will be 🙂 Oh, and Rick lets me write the Lunch 2.0 stuff.

  2. Rick, thanks so much for mentioning that submissions for the SoMe Awards (www.SoMeAwards.com) are due THIS SATURDAY. Since this is the first annual event, we need everyone to spread the word.

    In fact, I hope YOU have a project or two you plan to enter!

    The event will not be at the Convention Center, where Innotech takes place. It will be at Candy, a club at NW 9th and Couch. We encourage people to buy tickets to the event early because it will definitely sell out.

    I look forward to seeing you and all the other social media addicts in Portland that night!


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