What are the top 20 Portland blogs?

Where are all of these Portland bloggers blogs?I was digging around on PostRank after reading a great post on the PostRank Newsroom by my favorite Vice President of a Blog, Marshall Kirkpatrick. And that digging lead me to a little gem: the list of the top blogs in Portland, Oregon.

So who’s currently in the top 20? I’m glad you asked.

Here’s how the top 20 blogs in Portland are looking this week:

  1. KATU
  2. Jack Bog’s Blog
  3. Blazers Blog – OregonLive.com
  4. KGW.com Local News
  5. Our PDX
  6. The Portland Tribune – News
  7. Dave Knows: Portland
  8. PORTLAND NEWS – Google Blog Search
  9. Trail Post – A Portland Trail…
  10. Around the Sun
  11. msnbc.com: KGW
  12. Portland Transport
  13. Front Porch – Portland Real Estate
  14. KATU – Sports – Local Sports
  15. Portland Acupuncture Blog
  16. Asheville NC concerts [WTF?]
  17. Portland News
  18. About.com Portland, OR
  19. Metroblogging Portland
  20. The Portland Tribune – Jaynes

Wait a second. Those are actually feeds. (But I knew if I put “feeds” in the headline you probably wouldn’t read this.) So let’s whittle down the list to actual blogs:

  1. Jack Bog’s Blog
  2. Blazers Blog – OregonLive.com
  3. Our PDX
  4. Dave Knows: Portland
  5. Trail Post
  6. Around the Sun
  7. Portland Transport
  8. Front Porch – Portland Real Estate
  9. Portland Acupuncture Blog
  10. Metroblogging Portland

Okay. So that’s more like it.

But then again. No offense to those on the list, but for as vibrant of a blogging community as we have—I mean, here’s a smattering of Portland WordPress blogs, alone—that’s a pretty damned anemic list.

So I’m going to go import an OPML file from my feed reader and start tagging those feeds appropriately. If you’re interested in seeing a more representative list of Portland (or any other Oregon or Silicon Forest) blogs on here, I’d suggest you do the same.

It would be really nice to see some more of those awesome Portland blogs I know and love making the list.

(Image courtesy of Nate Angell. Used under Creative Commons.)

  1. FYI, for some reason, Google surfaces this as an expanded result even though the majority of these are defunct. Might be worthwhile to update if googles giving you the hot seat 😀

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  3. I totally should. Great idea!

  4. Great list of Portland Blogs. Have you thought of updating this list?

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  6. I would recommend http://www.bonzaiaphrodite.com – she’s a Portlander and I LOVE her blog. I’m also a local w/ a blog at http://alternativehousewife.com. 🙂

    I would like to see a list of great blogs by Portlanders that AREN’T exclusively about the city.

  7. Great list! I just launched my old town china town blog!! http://www.ton-of-man.com !!

  8. Wow! Thanks for letting me know about this, Rick! I had no idea, but I’m happy to be on the list.

    Thank you!

  9. I have no idea how my blog even got on this list. I’m Runyon from Trail Post. I really need to look at my counters.

  10. In the world of blogs, being in the top 20 means you have a terrible blog.

    Any blog that is general enough to be visited by that many people is likely boring. KATU!?

    There are exceptions of course, but blogging shouldn’t be lauded for the number of readers but by the quality of the posts. It’s the wrong metric. For example, Two and a Half Men continues to place in the top 20 network primetime shows.

  11. Hey, *I* don’t even think OurPDX belongs in the #3 slot. Top ten? Maybe – and even then, we’ll tiptoe in with gratitude and/or humility. But there are a few other worthy blogs missing from this list, to be sure. Here’s two:

    Portland Food and Drink
    Food Carts Portland

  12. @Kelly @Aaron @Steph I clearly need to step it up a notch. I’m not giving Portland enough love, and it shows. I shall redouble my efforts!

  13. @Julian The primary issue, it appears, is the current lack of submissions to the topic “Portland.” I believe it’s based on typical AideRSS/PostRank ranking which is based on some algorithmic engagement magic.

    So for example, here’s PDX Pipeline’s current standing:

    I just tagged PDX Pipeline as Portland, among other things. We’ll see how long it takes to percolate.

  14. The Pipeline is missing, too, eh Julian? What’s up with that?

  15. Really?

    What kind of metrics are they using?

  16. Umm, I agree with @verso. Where’s Silicon Florist in all of this?

  17. The blog in the #10 position (of your blogs-only list) asn’t been updated in nearly two months? Hmm…

    And like Kelly said… there’s a notable flowery blog missing from this list.

  18. I refuse to take seriously any list of “Top” blogs in Portland that does not include the Florist among them.

    +2 for accuracy if the SiliFlo rank is a single digit number.

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