Unfortunate news: Vidoop reports another layoff [Updated]

I hate reporting this stuff, but I just caught wind of another layoff at Portland-based Vidoop.

According to a post on the Vidoop blog:

The reality of the current economic climate and its impact on our target market (Financial Services) has unfortunately required a reduction in staff. Saying goodbye to loyal members of the Vidoop family has been one of the toughest decisions for myself and our management team, particularly following the announcement we made last November. The impact of the economic downturn has drastically lengthened the sales cycle for new technology, so we are proactively reshaping our cost and channel structure to ensure we can continue to deliver services to clients and ride out this more hostile environment.

I don’t have any word yet on who was let go or the extent of the layoffs. (See UPDATE 3 below)

Vidoop brought a great deal of talent to town when they moved from Tulsa. It would behoove us to make sure that that talent remains here in town.

So, if you’ve been affected by the Vidoop layoffs, please let us know so that we can help find you something else to do.


Portland-based CubeSpace is already responding to the call. Any Vidoop employee affected by the layoff is entitled to a one month free membership at the popular coworking space.


Adam Lowry reports that there are two folks, in particular, who need immediate assistance:



From the sounds of things on Twitter, the majority of the Vidoop staff was let go, including the DiSo team of Chris Messina and Will Norris who joined Vidoop roughly one year ago. On the upside, it looks like Norris will be relocating from San Francisco to Portland.

Mike Rogoway at The Oregonian covered the layoffs, as well. Unfortunately, he hasn’t received any additional information about the severity of the cuts, either.

A source with knowledge of the situation reports that only seven members of the Vidoop staff remain, three of whom are engineers.

One fan of the Vidoop team from their former hometown of Tulsa [Corrected per Will Norris’ comment] One of the Vidoop team who was let go in the first round of layoffs and returned to Tulsa, Genny Pankey, created the following tribute. I think we’re all feeling very much the same way at this point in time.

I Love You Vidoop



  1. Will speaks the truth. Thanks for the clarification. I was a former Vidooper but I am also a fan of my fellow former Vidoopers, obviously. And I’m glad people feel the same for my friends. Thanks for posting and sharing the graphic love everyone.

  2. Sorry to hear that – I remember seeing a demo of vidoop’s product from Identity Woman a few years ago and thinking it was pretty compelling stuff.

    We’ve got a development position (in addition to QA and DBA openings) at iovation right now. Given the overlap between reputation and identity it might be a good fit. http://bit.ly/t7BXO

  3. Unfortunate indeed… I know where there is a need for some php and web development work, feel free to contact me.

  4. Actually Genny was a graphic designer at Vidoop who was included in the first round of layoffs back in October. She designed the original Vidoop image shield logo. She made the move to Portland with everyone else, but moved back to Tulsa after the layoffs.

  5. Hey, I just saw that @jonmacdonald just posted this tweet:

    Real estate software company in PDX is looking for a web designer. Full time position only. Interested? Reply to @k8iate.


    Hope this helps.

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