Procrastination warning: Ignite Portland 6 submission deadline is looming

I know, I know. You have so many good ideas. So many potential presentations. Tell you what, pick a few of the best ones and get them submitted for Ignite Portland 6 because your time is running out.

That’s right. This Sunday is the final submission deadline for proposals. And then the Legion of Tech is going to meet at E-San and… hold a tick. There’s something new happening here.

On Monday May 18th, you’re going to be picking the next round of Ignite Portland presentations. Yes, you. Don’t look at me like that. You’ve got work to do.

We want you, the community, to be more involved in the process of selecting the talks for IP6. So we’re having a public “town hall” meeting, where you can come and tell us what you think of the talk ideas. Details (location, etc.) are forthcoming (here’s the Upcoming page for it), but plan on the evening of Monday the 18th, and don’t forget, you can always leave a comment on any of the talk ideas. Let us know which talks you want to see!

Well, well, well. Looks like you’re moving up in the world, Mr. or Ms. I’m picking the Ignite Portland talks. Maybe if you’re submitting you should recuse yourself from voting.


  1. Happy to help! And I hope to make it to the Town Hall. 😉

  2. Just to be clear, the Town Hall is a chance for people to give us feedback on what they think of the talk submissions. But final talks won’t be picked at the town hall – there’s just no way we’re going to be able to get through all the ideas in one night.

    So the plan is to give a wide open chance for feedback on all the submissions, capture all of that, as well as remind and encourage people that they can submit private comments on any talk idea on the proposals site that only the organizers can see.

    There will be a lot of sifting through all of that feedback that happens, and once that’s done, we’ll announce the selected talks on June 1.

    This is MORE than just a token “we want your feedback” session – we’re taking this Town Hall and community feedback very seriously. It’s just that logistically, there’s no way to make the final talk selections that night, in a Town Hall meeting environment. I just wanted to clarify that, so no one is dissapointed, and to be transparent, so people don’t think LoT is being nefarious or anything when we don’t have a final list of talks for IP6 at the end of the Town Hall. 🙂

    I’m also behind on getting a post up on igniteportland.com about how the Town Hall is going to work, so more info will be coming soon.

    Thanks for the post, Rick! 🙂

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