REMINDER: Ignite Portland’s burning ideas need your flaming comments

It’s that time of year again. Time to pick Ignite Portland presentations for Ignite Portland 6! And this time around, you’ve got the opportunity to provide your feedback on the proposals in a couple of different ways.

So get ready to flame those burning ideas! Oh wait. Or I guess you could be nice, instead.

Either way, your input is needed on the latest Ignite Portland presentation proposals. And there are now two ways you can provide it.

  1. You can comment privately on the proposals by visiting the Ignite Portland proposal system, clicking on interesting presentations, and providing your opinion.
  2. You can show up in person, tonight, at Webtrends for the first ever Ignite Portland Town Hall. (As Josh Bancroft notes, this will be an opportunity to provide feedback but will not result in the final selection of the talks.)

So get on over to the Ignite Portland proposal system or plan to attend the event tonight. I’m really looking forward to seeing which presentations you help choose—and it’s great to see the Legion of Tech giving the community even more opportunities to participate.


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  2. Now that’s some real “flamebait” if I ever saw any! 😉

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