REMINDER: Portland Lunch 2.0 hosted by WebVisions today at the Oregon Convention Center

If you’ve never been to a Portland Lunch 2.0, now would be a good time to start. If you’ve been to a bunch of Portland Lunch 2.0 gatherings, this one will be completely different.

I mean, sure, a lot of the same gang will be there. Which will be great. And you’ll have some interesting conversations and some “Hey! I haven’t seen you forever!” encounters. And of course, you’ll also get free grub while you chat.

But this time around, thanks to the cool folks at WebVisions, we’ll be gathering in the middle of a conference in the Oregon Convention Center. That’s a first.

We’ll also likely get the chance to mingle with some of the cool folks who are in Portland to present at WebVisions. Especially those who are running workshops today. How cool is that? That’s right. It’s very cool.

Portland Lunch 2.0 at WebVisions in the Oregon Convention Center

And if you’re still on the fence about attending WebVisions? You’ll be able to register today, as well. So get off that fence and get registered.

Speaking of registration, you can still cash in on the WebVisions and Open Source Bridge 2-for-1 deal. Meaning you can get into both conferences for $300. Don’t want to go to both? Split it with someone else. We won’t tell.

Free lunch, cool people, and an awesome conference. What could be better?

What’s that? LA LA LA. I can’t hear you.

See you at WebVisions around noon.