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Thanks to Innotech and WebVisions for sponsoring Silicon Florist

I’ve been a bit remiss on thanking Silicon Florist’s sponsors. And they happen to be two great events, one coming up this week and one coming up in May. In terms of bang for your buck, they’ve got a lot to offer. And I’m not just saying that because they’re sponsors. Well, not entirely.

Got some time this week? Head over to Innotech on April 21. Interested in the future of the Web? Think about attending WebVisions, May 25-27. Read More

You’re all Webtastic and visionary, right? Right. So submit your entry for the 2011 Webvisionary Awards

My, my, my how time flies. It seems like just last year I was badgering you guys to submit your entries to the Webvisionary Awards 2010. And now? That’s right. I’m badgering you to submit your entries to the Webvisionary Awards 2011.

Why? Because if you’re good enough and smart enough and the judges like you, you could take the stage and go home with a robot during WebVisions, this year. Read More

Hey social media! Turn that frown… err world upside down

To employ on old phrase, you’d have to have been living under a rock the past month or so not to recognize the impact of social media. From unrest in the Middle East to earthquakes in Japan, social media outlets have provided both the outlet for news and the platform for thousands of opinions and voices of support.

In many ways, the world is upside down. And social media made it that way. Empowering individuals and giving them the means to communicate on an international scale. And the folks at WebVisions would like to take some time to discuss that. Even if their conference is still a month or two off. Read More

Experience The Brave New World of Media today… or at least on November 17

While we’ve still got a few days left before we’re living in the future envisioned by Aldous Huxley, we do live in a pretty entertaining time where everyone is both a creator and a consumer of media—in all of its various formats. But what does this mean for the world of media? And how is changing the business of media?

Well, the folks behind the annual WebVisions conference may have composed a event that can answer that very question. Meet The Brave New World of Media. Read More

memePDX 036: Live from WebVisions, Jive moves HQ, Portland software community census, Stumptown Game Machine acquired, Google I/O

Watch memePDX where Cami Kaos and I cover Jive software moving its headquarters to Palo Alto, the Portland software community census, Stumptown Game Machine getting acquired, and the Google news coming out of the I/O conference.

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for another episode of memePDX, where we cover the hottest tech stories in Portland…and beyond.

It has come to our attention that a fair number of you missed the live episode from WebVisions last week. And since it was our first ever live episode of memePDX, that made us a little sad. For you. But buck up, little camper. Everything will be okay. Because you can see that episode now. Read More

And now for something completely different: memePDX Live from WebVisions 2010

It’s Thursday! And that means it’s time for another episode of memePDX. But this isn’t just any Thursday, my friend. Oh no. This Thursday is a WebVisions memePDX. That means live. Which means… Um. Well, we don’t exactly know that means. This is the first time we’ve done this.

And guess what? You can tune in and watch the hijinx. That’s right, gentle reader err viewer. So at 10 AM Thursday morning, tune into the first ever live episode of memePDX. How? Just look down there. No. Not at your feet. Further down the page. Or just watch all of the WebVisions stream down there. Read More

memePDX: An old school text edition of the show for your Kindle or something

Well, it’s Thursday again. But unfortunately, due to scheduling and health, memePDX didn’t make it into the can this week. These things happen. The world is an imperfect place. Screws fall out all of the time.

But there, there, little camper. We’ve still got something for you. You see, we still did show prep. So we’ve got the stories. And that’s why I’m going to give you what Cami Kaos (@camikaos) and I (@turoczy) would have covered this week if we’d had a show. Read More

WebVisions 2010: All the webby goodness at which you can shake a digital stick… and it could be free for you

One more week and all of the Web aficionados will be descending upon Portland for WebVisions, the premier Portland Web conference now in its tenth year.

Well well well. It’s about that time. One more week and all of the Web aficionados will be descending upon Portland for WebVisions, the premier Portland Web conference now in its tenth year.

It’s a chance to see people like Merlin Mann, Agnieszka Gasparska, and Luke Williams. As well as any number of local favorites. And now, you have the opportunity to see all those folks for free. Read More