Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) could use your help

Meyer Memorial Trust has awarded the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) a grant, but it’s a matching funds grant. That means OEN’s money is contingent on one small thing: their ability to raise $50,000 by June 30.

If you’re a startup in the Portland area, you’ve probably come into contact with the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN). And if you haven’t, you should. The OEN is a non-profit organization focused on helping your startup make it through the initial phases of building a business. From helping first-time entrepreneurs learn the ropes to giving startups the opportunity to practice their pitches to helping seasoned entrepreneurs find funding through events like Angel Oregon, the OEN uses its available resources to ensure that Oregon has a healthy entrepreneurial scene.

But all of that could be in jeopardy if we don’t act quickly.

You see, Meyer Memorial Trust has awarded OEN a grant, but it’s a matching funds grant. That means OEN’s money is contingent upon one small thing: raising $50,000 by June 30.

Since that deadline is just around the corner, they could use your help.

We are asking you to step forward and support our entrepreneurs. Help us nurture job development and small business development with a donation to OEN. We must preserve self-employed businesses and support their growth if we are to successfully recover from this economic downturn.

How can you help? Consider a donation to the OEN. Since they’re a 501(c)3, all donations are entirely tax deductible.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, you’re sure to reap rewards from donating to the OEN. Because their efforts are helping improve the business environment in Oregon—for all of us.

Please consider donating to the OEN today.


  1. Portland Entrepreneur June 24, 2009 at 6:01 am

    For the most part, this organization is about giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors. Now they need money for operations, isn’t this a tad ironic? Where is the money going to come from?

    What OEF should do here is become an entrepreneur and show their own membership their business plan on how to become a sustainable business. The people they should be seeking operational funds from is their own membership and the Oregon Angel Fund.

  2. Seconding that donations will go to a great organization with folks that really care about our startup community here in Portland.

    Any idea how much has been raised against the $50K goal?

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