eROI expands its offerings with a simple and elegant event registration service

Enter Portland-based eROI with eROI Event, a simple, straightforward, and skinnable event registration service that lets you manage people, pricing, discounts without all the usual headaches.

[HTML2]When it comes to managing small events, finding a capable event registration system can be a bit of pain. There are any number of systems that provide the features you need but there’s always a drawback. Maybe you can’t muck with the design. Maybe you have problems with your own merchant account. Maybe it’s just a bit too wonky.

Whatever the case, there’s room for improvement. Enter Portland-based eROI with eROI Event, a simple, straightforward, and skinnable event registration service that lets you manage people, pricing, discounts without all the usual headaches.

eROI Event gives you the ability to build events—either for free or for pay events—quickly and easily. And it’s got a really thoughtful interface that lets you control everything from the questions you’re asking attendees to discount codes for that special someone. It even helps you manage event locations that only have a limited amount of space. All without having to touch one line of code.

Want to get your hands dirty? Fine. eROI lets you muck around with theming too. Skin the event container however you want. Make it a seamless part of your site. All with a little CSS hacking.

All that and they’ve managed to help with one of the biggest headaches for most of us: merchant accounts.

eROI Event online event registration and management software has been designed to easily and seamlessly integrate with many major payment gateways such as VeriSign, Authorize.net, and PayPal. This allows event organizers to accept all major credit cards when selling tickets online, with the added bonus of knowing the transactions will be secure.

Don’t believe me? Oh I get it. You’re one of those “seeing is believing” types. Well, the folks over at eROI spent a few minutes skinning up an event site for Silicon Florist. Just for you—yes, you—to take for a test drive.

And once you’ve got folks showing up? You’ll also gain access to reports on event registrations, a dashboard tracking your revenue, and quick access to details on each and every attendee.

Sound interesting? Well why not try it then? I mean, they’ve got a free account for test driving it. Or get some more information on all eROI Event has to offer. Or if you’re ready to pull out the big guns, you can go ahead and sign up for $50 a month—which you’re going to need to do if you want to get fancy with credit card processing and rule-based discounts.

I’ll look forward to registering for your next event. Who knows? If you’re using eROI Event, I might even be willing to pay a buck or two.


  1. Thanks for the great write-up. Our development team has really worked hard on this app and we are very proud of it and excited to share it with clients old and new! What is even more exciting is the flexibility of the app and how easily we can continue to shape it!

  2. Thanks for the post, Rick. We are excited about the new application, eROI Event. We have spent, and continue to spend, a lot of time on the development of the eROI Platform.

    We made a concerted effort 18 months ago to completely restructure how we develop software and build applications. We have found that spending the time to developing the correct way (agile, test-driven development) pays massive dividends in the long run. We have built the entire system on an API which makes the software extremely flexible, scalable and relaible.

    We hope that everyone eROI Event.

  3. Hi Rick, thanks for the great post. I had the honor to theme your event here at eROI and I have to admit, it was a piece of delicious cake! What really helped streamline the two was of course the ease of use in our event application and your clean html/css code. Look forward to many more themes to come!

  4. Great post Rick. Thanks for the love. We’re psyched about launching this event registration app and are really looking forward to building a strong following of Portland users whether it be for consumers getting the word out on their summer BBQ or more likely for the corporate event folks, event organizers, and non-profits and associations who have a ton of events each year. thanks again.

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