Shredded Money and Freebies at Lunch 2.0

Yesterday, what looked like about 100 people tried to fill the enormous fifth floor of Jive Software‘s offices in the old Federal Reserve building.

Our hosts were Mark Friel and Kristin Hammond (@FzMcFadden) of Pacific Real Estate Partners, the brokerage that secured the space for Jive. The fifth floor is rough and unfinished inside, except for the bathrooms (more on that in a minute), and has its own elevator.

Apparently, the floor was added by previous tenants, but only one elevator goes all the way to the top. Sounds like mysterious, Men in Black, CONTROL stuff. It was a Federal building . . .

Anyway, even with about a 100 bodies, we didn’t come close to filling the space, which has nice balcony views of Powell’s and the rest of downtown. Luckily, no one decided to lean too far over the railing.

This marked the first Portland Lunch 2.0 hosted by a non-tech company, although our hosts did choose a tech company as the location to make the regulars feel at home. This crossover made for an interestingly mixed crowd of regulars and new faces.

The festivities kicked off about an hour into the lunch, with Mark and Kristin saying a few words and introducing Dave Hersh, Jive’s CEO, and Matt Nees, the new president of the SAO. Then, Nate Diniro (@unclenate) announced the Social Media Club Summer Social with Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang).

After that, the mixing and mingling continued. I chatted for a bit with Vince Porter (@oregonfilm), Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Film and Television, about the Leverage season premier, which was last night and filmed in Portland (you knew that, right?).

Vince’s office is getting started with Twitter, and when I checked later, I was shocked to see that only 1,100 or so people follow @oregonfilm. By comparison, Rick is one away from 4,000. Vince was also looking for some help getting started with Twitter; I figure there are a couple of you out there who’d love to help. If you want to help, start by following.

Mark and Kristin announced there would be tours of the building, which I was bummed to miss. I hear the vault and old shooting range are pretty dope. Kristin raffled off the free night at The Nines, as promised, didn’t recognize the winner. The $100 gift card to Departures was announced over Twitter yesterday afternoon.

As of this morning, it wasn’t claimed. So, Kristin drew another name, and Matt Nees was the lucky winner. He’s had a big week.

Big week for Matt.

So, back to the bathrooms, the only thing finished on the fifth floor. The countertops have shredded money in them, which looks a lot like seaweed. I guess we’ll take their word for it. No cash value was announced.

Don’t forget these this Lunch 2.0, coming soon:

Big thanks to all the hosts who have hosted or plan to host Lunch 2.0. Drop a comment (or tweet @jkuramot) if you want information about hosting one. It’s easy.

We’re running a little thin on planned Lunch 2.0s. Hit me up if you want to host.

  1. Yeah, like I said, he’s still getting his Twitter-legs. Remember when you started tweeting 🙂
    I plan to go over the basics with him, or maybe I’ll let Rick do that.

  2. Hey Jake, I followed Vince/@oregonfilm, but you might start by suggesting he follow a few more folks back?

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