12+ Oregon beer blogs to help you through the Oregon Brewers Festival

[HTML2]It’s Friday. Which means it’s time for Beer and Blog Portland. But it’s also a very special Friday here in Portland. It’s the last full weekend in July. And that means it’s time for the Oregon Brewers Festival, the annual gathering of local craft brewers demonstrating their brewing wizardry.

But there’s one little problem: too many choices. Where to turn for guidance? The blogs of course.

So here’s a collection of Oregon beer blogs to help you wend your way to the tastiest brews on tap.

Beer around town

“Surviving Portland’s abundance of good beer. Beer Around Town was started for no real reason. It is in no way intended to be an educational tool, a guide to good beer, a breaking news source, or any sort of podium for me to influence by way of opinion. There are other great blogs out there that do that. This blog is a collection of my adventures in Portland’s outstanding beer scene and the people and beers I’ve encountered along the way.”

The Beer Here

“John Foyston has been an Oregonian writer since 1987 and has written about beer, music, quilting bees, Michael Flatley and steam locomotives. He had real jobs before journalism; he was a motorcycle mechanic, owned an Italian bike shop, played in rock ‘n’ roll bands, took care of 1,000 rhesus monkeys and built computers, though not all at the same time.”


Missing the festival (gasp!) but still an awesome resource throughout the year.

“This blog carries on a tradition of writing about beer that I started almost ten years ago at the Portland weekly Willamette Week–back when craft brewing was new and interesting enough to support a regular columnist. Ah, the good old days!”


“Brewpublic leaves no beer behind in the quest to bring thirsty Brewpublicans information on the finest craft ales, lagers, yeast culture, and all things beer.

“Join us as we salute the brew (r)evolution from Beervana – Portland, Oregon, the Pacific Northwest and everywhere Brewpublicans reside in the vast Brewniverse.”

The Brew Site

“Right now, The Brew Site is a weblog, devoted to the subject of beer. When I originally started this site, I had a grand plan to build it into the premier site and directory for beer and brewing-related information online; however, real life intruded and I never properly had the time to implement those plans. What I’ve since found more manageable is blogging. So, I’ve relaunched as a blog.” [Editor: Side projects FTW!]

The Champagne of Blogs

“Born in the heartland of American craft brewing, Portland, OR-based BS Brewing has been making quality craft beers for friends and brewing aficionados since 2005.”


More aurally inclined. No worries. Here’s a podcast for you.

“After living in the Pacific Northwest for more than 20 years I find myself immersed in the Brewing Community. Some may say that I am a beer snob, but the truth is, though I appreciate hops, I prefer malt. I’m sometimes called “Malt Momma”. I’ve slept on the couches and in tent camps among some of the most respected Craft Brewers of our time. A nicer bunch of people must be hard to find. This brewing community is wholesome and family oriented. I am blessed to be called friend by so many of these talented folks. I am always delighted to hear of what the men and women in brewing are doing and how community is drawn together around this fermented malt….and hops. It is that delight that has inspired me to publish these podcasts. I hope that some of the excitement of these events comes thru in the ‘Brewcasts’.”

Hops and Barley

“Hops & Barley Blog is dedicated to sharing good beer, pubs and fesitvals with fans of the hops & barley brew!”

Oregon Brewers Guild

The Oregon Brewers Guild is a non-profit organization with the primary goal of promoting the common interests of the members and the brewing industry in Oregon. Below you will find several sections which help define these goals.

Portland Food & Drink

“Even with 72 beers, a few will rise to the top with the designation of Buzz Beers. These are beers that everyone is talking about, beers that everyone wants to try, and beers that run out first. I asked Noel Blake, brewer of four Collaborator recipes and the guy who helped create Ommegang Three Philosophers, what he thought this year’s Buzz Beers might be. True to form, this former writer of the OBF program has a spot-on assessment of Buzz…”

Portland Beer

“Portlandbeer.org was created by two brothers to keep track of all of the wonderful beer that Portland has to offer. After telling a few friends (who told a few friends (who told a few friends)), here we are, serving the Portland beer community. We want our site to be a great resource for residents of Portland as well as visitors to our great city.”


“Taplister of Portland, OR was founded… with the singular goal of creating a community resource that helps you find what craft beers are on tap in Portland, Oregon. Beer Fans can visit http://www.Taplister.com and search to see where their favorite beers are on tap.”

Bonus beer blogs

Beer Northwest: Not Oregon-based, but an awesome resource for all beers of the Northwest.

Beer News offers “10 good beer blogs Oregon Style”: A little bit of crossover but some awesome blogs I didn’t mention here.

Enjoy the Oregon Brewers Fest this weekend. And make sure to follow @oregonbrewfest on Twitter.


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  2. This is a great collection of beer blogs. And I’m blushing to be listed among them. Thanks from Craft Brew Cast!

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