Strange Love Live: Portland, startups, entrepreneurs, venture capital, and the Silicon Florist

Last Friday, I was honored to be the guest on Strange Love Live—the best tech podcast in Portland, if not the world—to celebrate the second birthday of this little blog here.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Strange Love format, there’s generally a serious “tech” segment followed by a less serious “afterhours” segment. But you know me. Given the opportunity, I can’t help but continue blabbing about the Portland tech scene. Blah blah blah.

So if you’ve got a few minutes, take some time to listen in on the tech episode where we chat about Silicon Florist and whatnot.


Then listen to even more tech when we talk about Portland, startups, the entrepreneurial environment, venture capital, and my prognostications on Portland’s tech future.


And since I’m wearing the “Tiara of Truth,” you’ll know I’m not lying.


  1. Just watched both segments of the show. Really interesting discussions there, particularly the after hours stuff. That’s my first exposure to Strange Love Live, even though I accidentally started following Cami Kaos on Twitter when I came up here to visit a year ago.

    I hope to come by the PIE Hole for the next iPhone group meeting.

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