xkcd on Oregon

If you’re on the Web, here’s hoping that you—at one point or another—have had the pleasure of being exposed to xkcd, “a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.” Long story short, it’s sheer awesomeness. Especially if you’re a geek.

So making it into xkcd—even completely tangentially—is a bit of a coup. And a geek rite of passage.

Well, congrats to you, my friend. You’ve reached the pinnacle of geekdom by being included in an xkcd comic. Well, sort of.

Okay. Sure. Maybe not the most positive reference. But there’s no such thing as a bad xkcd mention, right? Right?

  1. Is this some allegory about the life cycle of internet fads/sites?

  2. Very cool, but you missed the best part, the ALT text:
    “A century later, the harrowing flight of the survivors from Oregon was dramatized in a popular video game.”

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