Azplode: Missile Command aficionados rejoice, your iPhone app is here

If you grew up in the 80s or spent any time at Ground Kontrol, you’ve been there. You’re sitting there on Missile Command, blood blister on the side of your hand from catching it in the trackball, one missile launch area remaining, one missile, and a ton of inbound targets quickly descending on your last bastion of defense. And yet, you’re overcome by an almost Zen-like state of calm. Knowing full well that one well-placed missile could create a chain reaction of explosions that will carry you through to the next level.

That’s feeling right there? That’s Azplode, the latest game from Portland-based iPhone developer Calvin Rien. Hopefully, without the blood blisters.

You may remember Calvin from Ion Charge, the iPhone game that—while strangely addictive—also drove me completely nuts. And while, I still enjoy tearing my hair out as I try to move that little ion around, Azplode is much more my speed.

The premise is simple. You have one chance—one little tap—to create a chain reaction of explosions that destroy as many little bouncing balls as possible. Easy, right? Yes and no. Because each level means you’ve got to destroy more and more of those little buggers. And while you may hit some lucky cause and effect here and there, as the levels get higher, it gets harder and harder.

Now, likely due to processing power, you can only go up so many levels. At the top, you’ll be trying to destroy 58 objects with your one carefully placed explosion. So, it’s highly unlikely you’ll waste your whole day playing this—but you might.

To get the app, download Azplode from the App Store. It’s free. For more information, see Calvin’s write-up on Azplode.

  1. This is a slightly improved version of circle chain from Emanuele Feronato. But I’m sure its really fun to play while waiting in line.

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