Weather got you down? Spend some time voting some Portland SXSW panel proposals up (or down)

If you’re like many Silicon Forest types, today, you’re sitting and staring out the window at a wet and rainy September Saturday. Sad, I know.

But instead of sighing and twiddling your thumbs, why not put those thumbs to good use—by voting? There are all kinds of awesome SXSW interactive panels proposed by interesting Portland people just sitting there, waiting for your opinion.

What’s that? You thought SXSW voting was closed? Oh no, my friend. This is your reminder that you’ve been granted an extension—through the weekend.

So who’s vying for SXSW speaking slots this coming spring? A whole bevy of Portland types are hoping to be on the bill. Take a few minutes to read through the pitch and the questions they’re hoping to answer. Like it? Give it a thumbs up. Don’t like it? Thumbs down. Have some feedback? Make sure to leave a comment.

Before you know it, you’ll have consumed an hour or two traipsing through proposals. Who knows? It might even stop raining by then.