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Weather got you down? Spend some time voting some Portland SXSW panel proposals up (or down)

If you’re like many Silicon Forest types, today, you’re sitting and staring out the window at a wet and rainy September Saturday. Sad, I know.

But instead of sighing and twiddling your thumbs, why not put those thumbs to good use—by voting? There are all kinds of awesome SXSW interactive panels proposed by interesting Portland people just sitting there, waiting for your opinion.

What’s that? You thought SXSW voting was closed? Oh no, my friend. This is your reminder that you’ve been granted an extension—through the weekend. Read More

Portland’s Sabrix takes on Quicken, E*Trade, and Dow Jones (for the Stevie Awards People’s Choice)

Given that even I have grown weary of bitching about the latest Twitter kerfuffle, I thought I might try and post something positive.

And what could be more positive than giving a local startup a little oomph as it competes with some heavyweights for a prestigious award? Well, nothing of which I can think, at the moment.

And while sales and tax management software startups aren’t the usual ilk of what I cover around here, I do love a good David and Goliath story. So here it goes… Read More

REMINDER: OSU Open Source Lab and POSSE host Open Source Digital Voting Foundation tonight

While we’re still basking in the afterglow of activity surrounding the last election, it’s never too early to start thinking about the next election—and how technology can help ensure that the voters’ collective voice is heard.

That’s what makes the Open Source Digital Voting Foundation and their TrustTheVote project so interesting.

The Open Source Digital Voting Foundation (“OSDV”) is tackling the greatest problem with today’s voting technology: the lack of truly trustworthy digital voting machines. This Silicon Valley based project is actually building next generation devices that will serve as a draft standard for how e-voting must work. This can be characterized as a digital “public works” project – producing actual voting machines the public can see, touch, and try. Success of this project can restore trust in how America votes.

TrustTheVote brings together the best and brightest in information technology into a synergistic, meritocratic community focused on developing trustworthy digital voting specifications and technology to be held in the public trust.

And now the OSU Open Source Lab and Portland Open Source Software Entrepreneurs (POSSE) are hosting an event featuring the OSDV Foundation at CubeSpace, 6PM tonight (Wednesday, February 18).

Here’s what they’ll be covering:

  • Introduce the project, its motivation, founding, and development efforts to date
  • Walk through the TrustTheVote technology road map and review major projects underway
  • Discuss development philosophies and approaches including experience-driven design and test-driven agile development
  • Review opportunities for systems architects, software developers, SDQA/test specialists, and user experience designers
  • Cover plans to expand the volunteer developer teams, future opportunities for senior members of technical staff, and opportunities for you to get involved.

For more information, visit the Open Source Digital Voting Foundation event on Upcoming or Calagator.