Matt Haughey, our thoughts are with you [UPDATED]

I’m convinced that we wouldn’t be here blogging and tweeting and whatnot without the magic of one site. That site is MetaFilter.

MetaFilter introduced me to the concept of blogging. Ten years ago. And continues to be a source of inspiration for what can be done with community. And best of all? It’s a product of Oregon.

But today, my story about MetaFilter is less about technology, and more about founder Matt Haughey, who is being rushed in for emergency brain surgery on Friday. [UPDATE] There is the possibility that the “brain lump” may respond to a hormone treatment, as such Matt Haughey’s surgery has been delayed.

There isn’t really much to say. Apparently, Matt thought he had Swine Flu. Later, he collapsed and was taken to the emergency room. A cat scan revealed a growth on his brain.

He’s headed into surgery on Friday afternoon.

Our thoughts are with you, Matt. And our fingers are crossed.

Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery.


Here’s Matt’s recap of his experience, thus far.