Show Santa Claus some respect by highlighting the proliferation of Crappy Santas

Sad representational effigies of that secular symbol of the holiday season, good ol’ Santa Claus. Crappy Santas.

You’ve all seen them. Sitting on trees. Decorating houses. And filling shelves throughout the retail environment. Sad representational effigies of that secular symbol of the holiday season, good ol’ Santa Claus.

They’re not pretty. They can easily change your happy holiday spirit into one of gloom and disgust. And something tells me that the folks who come up with them aren’t going to be getting anything but coal in their stockings.

But how do we fight back? Chris Kalani may have the answer: Crappy Santas.

Every year, stores around the world become littered with crappy santas. Big corporations pump this crap out with little to no regard for santa-standards. Beard length, hat placement, belly size, and suit hue are all standards that must be enforced. If we’re able collect 1,000 crappy santas by Christmas Eve the International Toy Federation will have no choice but to recall all these half-assed santas.

Now, you’re empowered to stop the spread of unsavory Santas. Simply snap a photo of the offender and submit it to the collection. I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding a culprit or two.

Here’s hoping that, through all of our efforts, we can make the holidays a little brighter. And set some standards for Santa production.

For more information, visit Crappy Santas. Or follow @crappysantas on Twitter. [UPDATE] Just noticed that The Inquistr wrote Crappy Santas up hours before I did. So giving credit where credit is due.

  1. I highly recommend taking a look around the city this weekend, December 5th in particular as SantaCon descends upon this fine city. I myself will be a crappy santa culprit donning an ill-fitted suit bought online carrying a six-pack and peering with that crooked look of a bad santa. Maybe I’ll be part of my own solution, and send in a photo myself.

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